Whale Report 10th August

This morning we had beautiful conditions on the water with calm seas and clear skies.  We came across a 2 year old whale playing with a pod of dolphins.  We watched the happy group rolling around on the surface for 20-30 minutes.  We saw several small pods of whales slowly cruising north but then we spotted a mother with her active calf breaching in the distance.  As we got nearer they came right up to us and hung around our boat for 40 minutes.  The young calf had a lot of surface time and some really interesting markings with the back half of its body being completely white right up to the dorsal fin.  The mother followed us at a steady 30-40m behind the boat as we started back to shore.


This afternoon we were spoiled for choice with two active pods early into our trip.  Two large males were repeatedly tail slapping and a third sub adult was playing alongside them.  The younger whale broke away from the large pair and delighted us with a beautiful breach about 100m away as he left.  We found another pod of 3 whales who performed non-stop acrobatics.  We had an awesome close encounter with the three who provided an hour of pec slaps, tail slaps, peduncle throws and tail lobbing.  Just before we left they mugged our boat for 15 minutes, coming in close to get a better look at our guests and leaving us with a breach right beside the boat.

Come and witness the humpback playing for yourself.  We still have some seats available for this weekend.  Visit our website www.whaleone.com.au to book.  Use the promo code WEBWW to get adults at $69 and children under 14 for $46 or call our friendly staff on 1300 942 531.  #whaleone #visitsunshinecoast #humpback #mooloolaba #splash

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