Whale Report 11th August

Happy Friday..!!! Fun Fact – QUESTION: – What colour is Humpback Whale milk? Scroll down for answer…

This morning we found a juvenile whale playing with a pod of dolphins. They were rolling around on the surface and swimming close to our boat. The juvenile also gave a lovely close encounter, much to our delight. We spotted an adult whale breaching in the distance and as we got closer we were treated to some spectacular peduncle throws and fluke up dives. As we left, the whale waved goodbye. To top off the morning we saw an adult breach right beside us on our return trip.

First up this afternoon the whales were taking it easy with long down times. We saw 4 pods just cruising around but they didn’t spend long on the surface. Our patience was rewarded with a pod of whales just 5 miles off the coast who put on a show for us. We had 20 mins of peduncle throws and then the whales came right up to us, mugging the boat for about 8 minutes and giving us an awesome close encounter. They then did 4 massive breaches to top off the afternoon.

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ANSWER: Whale milk is actually PINK

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