Whale Watching Report Monday 7th August

We started our day with splash.  Just 20mins into our trip we came across a pod of 2 whales breaching and showing off.  They followed their acrobatic displays with pec slaps, tail slaps, peduncle throws and some impressive tail lobbing.  They played beside our boat for over half an hour until they were joined by another pod, bringing the group up to six.  We hung around for another 25mins and the group delighted us with a series of 10 head lunges.  On our return to shore we were met by three or four pods and who showed off some perfect corkscrew breaching, tail slaps and peduncle throws.


This afternoon we were first met by a yearling, cruising around just 2nms off the shore.  Soon after, we came upon a mother and calf who delighted us with a series of breaches right beside the boat.  The calf played alongside for an hour while the mother relaxed in the calm waters before surprising us all with a series of breaches and a massive corkscrew breach right beside our boat.  We found a competition pod of 4 or 5 males on our return to shore who were jostling each other and playing on the surface.


What excellent conditions for whale watching.  There are still spaces available this week so come and join for a day to remember.  Use promo code WEBWW to get the discounted price on Whale One or Wild One for only $69 Adults and $46 Children (under 14 years).  Call 1300 942 531 or visit our website www.whaleone.com.au  #whaleone #visitsunshinecoast #humpback #mooloolaba #splash

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