Whale Report – Sunday 10 September

What a day! Everyone on the boat was ecstatic with sightings of a rare white humpback whale, a group of excited males showing off their very best, and a beautiful mum and her curious calf. Between all three of our cruises today, we were full of some truly special moments for everyone on board.

This morning we came upon some exciting competition activities as six males were showing off their skills in bubble blowing, head lunging and tail lobbing to win over the single female. Again, we were surrounded by heaps of whales today, 5 other pods that were creating lots of action all around us.

Our boats followed a rather enthusiastic pod of 4 that were cruising south – we got some action with calves swimming under us, and checking us out. They seemed so excited and curious to have us around, as they were hanging out right by our boat, going under us and playing around. They all put a great show for us, spy hopping us and head lunging until we began to head back.

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