16th August – Whale Report

Whale One 10AM.
Total 8 Whales.

Just 40 minutes from Base our first pod of 2 Humpbacks were spotted: a Yearling and a Sub-Adult travelling together, going very slowly, with consistent Pectoral Slaps and Fluke-Up Dives, plus a few Lazy Breaches. All this action caught the attention of a pod of 2 Mature Humpbacks – they came over to join in the fun.

After lunch we had another Four Whales coming from the South which joined us for a short period. Another 8 whales were spotted not far from the Boat, but then they all split up and headed in different directions. We followed the Whales Heading North, and this turned out perfect. As soon as they got used to us we stopped and they swam over to us. They mugged us for 15 minutes, swimming under and around the Boat, with the cheers and screams of excitement from all aboard.

Captain gave it a 10/10 Day. A light rolling swell was reported, with a 10-12 Knot Southerly Breeze. Great Conditions, and the next few days still look really good.


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