Whale watching cruise – Monday 30th October

Whale watching today onboard Whale One was an absolute pleasure to be on the ocean, sea conditions we’re calm and the sun was out, making it a beautiful day. We ventured out slowly not wanting to miss the chance of finding a whale and after 20 mins we spotted good strong blows only 400 m off our boat. It was another mum and calf and both of these animals were very relaxed. Unusually they we’re slowly headed north at around 2 knots with 3 to 4 min down times (that is. they stayed under the surface) after watching them for half hour the mum started tail slapping and tail lobbing with the occasional perduncle throws mixed in. She did this for 10 mins giving everyone onboard great photo opportunities. 3 or 4 times both mum and calf swam within 10 m of our boat getting up close and personal with these magnificent animals. A couple of blows seen within 500 m from our original pod so we still have great whale action!
How cool are these whale tails..


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