Whale Watching Report Tuesday 8th August

Our morning started 6 miles out, we saw some whales in the distance so we headed out a further 5 miles north to see an adult humpback whale who was cruising along slowly. This whale was a little quiet so we left him to go and headed over to investigate a breaching a passenger spotted in the distance. We were so happy we saw this because we were absolutely delighted with the show afterwards. A pod of 4 whales swam around our boat and gave us over an hour of acrobatic displays. They breached continually and slapped their pec flukes on the water. They displayed head lunges and swam around and under the boat showing off their white stomachs. This season we have had a few whales spotted that had had black tails with minimal white markings! Typical for the northern hemisphere. Today we saw another one of those unique whales!


This afternoon the whale shows continued 7 miles south east of Point Cartwright we saw 3 pods of 2 whales. Heading further south we saw mother and calf close, beside our boat. The calf was practise breaching and showing off. Later on we had a pod of 3 large adults who were quite active and one even did a corkscrew breach for us. These gentlemen did some peduncle throws and looked like they were trying to backflip.

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