Whale Watching Report Thursday 7th September 2017

This morning we had a sighting of a yearling breaching with its mother. The Mother breached once and then her playful calf breached continuously, which was an awesome show. Also spotted on today’s cruise was a massive turtle and some dolphins. There was another pod cruising beside us as we headed back to shore who showed off their tail flukes.

This afternoon was absolute whales galore! As soon as we rounded the rock wall, there was 3pods to choose from! First was a pod of two whales which were a little shy so we waited for them to become more comfortable with us and then they swam over to the boat. We also spotted a big pod of dolphins that came with a baby dolphin, who swam less than a 1m to us! The dolphins hung out for a short time the swum off. We had some whales lay on the surface, just chilling out enjoying the sun. Spotted another pod which was a competition pod consisting of – 6 boys, 1 female. 1 big male, white with big black spots. We saw the same whale yesterday and he was easy to identify with those unique markings. These boys were courting a different girl and were showing off her her. They were head lunging, pec slapping, doing peduncle throws, tail slapping and checking us out with spy hops.
There were more pods breaching around the boat, with several pods appeared briefly – 12 or more pods out off Mooloolaba today – like whale city.
Coming in to shore from our wonderful day, off Point Cartwright were saw Mother and calf 100m off the point. What a way to finish the day!! Just stunning conditions today with calm seas, light breeze, so crystal clear you could see the bottom!

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